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Solo Noi

John Fitzsimons and Robert Smith met in South London in 1981, when both were beginning their musical journeys. Members of the same housing co-op, they survived by selling cars, decorating rooms and rewiring houses.  It was the days of cassette recording and they used the “new” technology to work together on a number of songs. They both had some success with their own projects but continued the songwriting co-operation into the 80s and 90s. When they both moved out of London to the South Coast (Robert) and the West Country (John), they sent tapes and cassettes by post to each other as song ideas developed. Some years later they released an album of some of these songs - still available on streaming services entitled “John (The Captain) Fitzsimons and Robert S Smith”.  In 2017 they formed “Solo Noi” to explore writing in the jazzy pop genre, and released a first album “Uno” in 2019. The second album "Due" will be released on October 1st 2021.  Covid has extended the time taken to create this album, which will be available on all streaming service and on CD from CD Baby. 

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Some Radio stations now playing Solo Noi:

Country Barnyard 305 USA, Andy's Attic, Canada
Exmouth Air FM UK, Radio Augusta France, WQRY USA, INDEEZ Station USA, Net Radio France, TSSY France, Watts Fm Canada, Loxley Corner Actual Radio UK,  
U'L Jazz Alalabama



New album 

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The second album took two years to complete, mainly via sending files over the internet, as neither John of Robert could safely travel from Exeter to Southampton to work "in person". the songs explore the journey into life, looking at "the future". At times it's emotional and reflective but also playful. You can download it, or listen on streaming media. To order the Cd  - head to CD baby.  There are no T shirts available, or mugs or bedspreads or car stickers or ringtones.  yet.  



Solo Noi have been writing crossover jazz pop songs together . You'll get the idea if you listen to the songs.  


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