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Radio staions now playing solo noi:

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Some Radio stations now playing Solo Noi:

Country Barnyard 305 USA, Andy's Attic, Canada
Exmouth Air FM UK, Radio Augusta France, WQRY USA, INDEEZ Station USA, Net Radio France, TSSY France, Watts Fm Canada, Loxley Corner Actual Radio UK,  
U'L Jazz Alalabama


The songs came from a collaboration between two musicians: Robert Smith and John Fitzsimons. Having retired from their career jobs they agreed to explore their real musical preferences after years of creating pop, rock, reggae and folk.  The result is tight jazzy arrangements of original songs.   If you like it download it, or listen on digital media. Order the Cd  - the first 100 copies will be signed by Solo Noi. There are no T shirts available, or mugs or bedspreads or car stickers or ringtones.  yet.  


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